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BACKGROUND > NextNow is a performance series focused on bringing together an eclectic blend of 
improvised music and arts, drawing on a diverse community of musicians and sound artists.  Curated by 
Mika Pontecorvo with the help of the collective improvisation project Cartoon Justice, the series takes a 
low-overhead DIY approach to performance events, in support of a counter-narrative to the excess of the 
corporate-mediated big-ticket art and performance world.  Showcasing local and international artists 
sharing their unique creative visions in sonic improvisation: http://nextnow.edgebuzz.tv/

NextNow has launched a twice-yearly festival-style celebration of improvised, experimental and new 
music, and added an intermedia improvisation components. Last May's NextNow festival 
was a benefit the Homeless Action Center. Our winter show benefitted Earthjustice and The Coalition On 

NextNow has produced and curated over 20 evening performances showcasing local, national and 
international new music artists, and 5 Festivals to raise money for non-profit organizations helping 
homeless and the environment causes.


download RFP :  -HSP2017 RFP-


HARDLY STRICTLY PERSONAL 2017  - A Benefit/Festival in Celebration of Post-Beefheart Art


On January 13,14,15 2017 we will be holding the 3rd Hardly Strictly Personal benefit/festival. We 
would like to invite you to participate in this event.

We are seeking music, art, and performance projects which in some way have been inspired by the 
free creative spirit embodied in Don Van Vliet's (aka Captain Beefheart) works. This is more about 
attitude and idiosyncratic originality, than parody (though some direct references to VanVliet's 
work will be fine.) 

This year we will give some priority to aspect of performance and approach embodying a Wabi Sabi 
aesthetic element, in addition to works which give a nod to NoWave and Ornette Coleman influences 
which relate nicely to Beefheart's own art...


Please respond by no later that October 30th 2016.

Send an email to ponte@edgebuzz.tv  with your name, best contact email, project name, personnel,
and a brief project description. (if this is a performance please include the day/time preference)


The NextNow Performance Series Presents:
Hardly Strictly Personal -  A Celebration of Post-Beefheart Art
A Benefit for the EarthJustice and Homeless Action Center at the Berkeley Arts Festival Space, 
2133 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA.

Friday      Jan  13rd, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Saturday    Jan  14th, 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Sunday      Jan  15th, 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM 

Audience Suggested Donation: $12 per day or $20 for the series

The NextNow Performance Series returns with a new selection of the best of Bay Area  creative 
music. This three-day festival is the creative music and art community celebration of 
Post-Beefheart Creative Projects drawing on a broad range of new and experimental genres 
including avant-rock, jazz, noise, electroacoustic, contemporary chamber music and more – as 
well as performances featuring unique combinations of sonic, visual and performance arts.

In past years we have had highly original work from Bassist/Jazz legend Henry Grimes (NYC), 
Guitarist Henry Kaiser, The Rova Saxophone Quartet, Avant-Forest-Folk musician Lau Nau (from 
Finland), Matti Bye (Sweden), Jazz meets experimental works of the Vinkeloe, Hay, Honda Trio 
(from Sweden, LA), and many other local and international talents.


We run sets back to back (silent set-up in one room, during performance in the next, 
minimizing the time between sets, by using the two rooms of the unique gallery space 
we present in..


Please remember to reply as soon as you can we are up against promotion deadlines which are vital in 
maximizing audience attendance helping to raise funds for our charitable causes and gaining exposure for 
the musicians and artists.

Please feel free to email any questions you may have to me Mika Pontecorv at ponte@edgebuzz.tv
Please feel free to contact us with questions, issues, ideas you may have. mika.pontecorvo@gmail.com PREVIOUS EVENTS > HARDLY STRICTLY PERSONAL - A Celebration of Post-Beefheart Creative Art : 3 days JANUARY 2016 All Tomorrows' After Parties : 3 days MAY 2016 HARDLY STRICTLY PERSONAL - A Celebration of Post-Beefheart Creative Art : 2 days JANUARY 2015 All Tomorrows' After Parties : 2 days MAY 2014