[xml][/xml] -- NEXTNOW presents: Hardly Strictly Personal-2017 -- our third year of celebrating the post-beefheart art --

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unfortunate injury, this event
will return in the Autumn
Lingua Incognita Session Nights 
(Open Ensemble Improv Jam) 

DATE/TIME: Tuesday 7PM 09.May.2017  
LOCATION:  Cyprian's Center 2092 Turk st. 
           (Turk at Lyon sts)

A laboratory for exploring emergent musical
form thru Collective Imporovisation drawn on 
elemental idea in Miles Davis' Bitches Brew/
Electric Era work and Ornette Coleman's 
PRIMETIME band...and we progress from there...
-- Quantum Organic Creation --
BACKGROUND > NextNow is a performance series focused on bringing together an eclectic blend of 
improvised music and arts, drawing on a diverse community of musicians and sound artists.  Curated by 
Mika Pontecorvo with the help of the collective improvisation project Cartoon Justice, the series takes a 
low-overhead DIY approach to performance events, in support of a counter-narrative to the excess of the 
corporate-mediated big-ticket art and performance world.  Showcasing local and international artists 
sharing their unique creative visions in sonic improvisation: http://nextnow.edgebuzz.tv/

NextNow has launched a twice-yearly festival-style celebration of improvised, experimental and new 
music, and added an intermedia improvisation components. Last May's NextNow festival 
was a benefit the Homeless Action Center. Our winter show benefitted Earthjustice and The Coalition On 

NextNow has produced and curated over 20 evening performances showcasing local, national and 
international new music artists, and 5 Festivals to raise money for non-profit organizations helping 
homeless and the environment causes.

 Lingua Incognita Session Nights - Open Ensemble Improv Jam - 
Tuesday 7PM 09.May.2017  at Cyprian's Center 2092 Turkstreet (Turk at Lyon sts)

A laboratory for exploring Emergent Form from Collective Imporovisation drawn from elemental 
idea in Miles Davis' Bitches Brew/Electric Era work and Ornette Coleman's PRIMETIME band ... 
and we progress from there...Quantum Organic Creation...

PREVIOUS EVENT = Hardly Strictly Personal 2017 -  A Celebration of Post-Beefheart Art
A Benefit for the EarthJustice and Homeless Action Center at the Finnish Kaleva Hall, 
1970 Chestnut Street, Berkeley, CA. (near University Ave and San Pablo blvd)

Friday      Mar 3rd, 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Saturday    Nar 4th, 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Sunday      Mar 5th, 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM 

Audience Suggested Donation: $12 per day or $20 for the series

The NextNow Performance Series hosts a new selection of the best of Bay Area  creative 
music. This three-day festival is the creative music and art community celebration of 
Post-Beefheart Creative Projects drawing on a broad range of new and experimental genres 
including avant-rock, jazz, noise, electroacoustic, contemporary chamber music and more – as 
well as performances featuring unique combinations of sonic, visual and performance arts.


Friday	March 3rd
07:00 PM - Ear Spray
07:30 PM - Old Million Eye (Brian Lucas solo)
08:00 PM - Crow Crash Radio
08:30 PM - Vacuum Tree Head
09:00 PM - Jakob Pek
09:30 PM - Lost Planet
10:00 PM - Oa

Saturday March 4th
07:00 PM - Karl Evangelista
07:30 PM - Joshua Allen solo
08:00 PM - Les Trois Chapeaux
08:30 PM - Dire Wolves
09:00 PM - Arrington de Dionyso  
09:30 PM - Voi! Maa!
10:00 PM - Emily Hay
10:30 PM - Census Designated Place

Sunday	March 5th
07:00 PM - Alphastare
07:30 PM - New False Gods
08:00 PM - United Separatists
08:30 PM - Surprise EB reading
09:00 PM - Double-A Posture Palace
09:30 PM - Instagon
10:00 PM - Polyethylene Bagette (open improv session)


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