[xml][/xml] -- NEXTNOW presents: All Tomorrows' After Parties -2016 -- our third year of celebrating the summer with new music --

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BACKGROUND > NextNow is a performance series focused on bringing together an eclectic blend of 
improvised music and arts, drawing on a diverse community of musicians and sound artists.  Curated by 
Mika Pontecorvo with the help of the collective improvisation project Cartoon Justice, the series takes a 
low-overhead DIY approach to performance events, in support of a counter-narrative to the excess of the 
corporate-mediated big-ticket art and performance world.  Showcasing local and international artists 
sharing their unique creative visions in sonic improvisation: http://nextnow.edgebuzz.tv/

NextNow has launched a twice-yearly festival-style celebration of improvised, experimental and new 
music, and added an intermedia improvisation components. Last May's NextNow festival 
was a benefit the Homeless Action Center. Our winter show benefitted Earthjustice and The Coalition On 

NextNow has produced and curated over 20 evening performances showcasing local, national and 
international new music artists, and 5 Festivals to raise money for non-profit organizations helping 
homeless and the environment causes.


NextNow's All Tomorrows' After-Parties 2016

June 3rd-4th-5th 2016  Berkeley Ca

A spring celebration of the creative music community in the Bay Area and beyond. Coming together 
to support worthy grass roots non-profit organizations, this Spring our proceeds will benefit the 
Homeless Action Center http://homelessactioncenter.org
SF Coalition On Homelessness http://www.cohsf.org

JUNE 3,4,5 (Friday Evening, All-day Saturday and Sunday)

Berkeley Arts Festival Space, 2133 University Ave, Berkeley CA

$12 for one day, $20 for all three days.


Friday	June 3rd		
		07:00 PM	Pompelly/Allen Duo
		08:00 PM	Cartoon Justice w/Authors Meg Pontecorvo&David Gill
		08:30 PM	Poetics of Narrative
		09:00 PM	Oa
		09:30 PM	Vacuum Tree Head
Saturday 	June 4th		
		02:00 PM	SHIVA X
		02:30 PM	Trois Chapeaux w/Jorge Bachmann
		03:00 PM	Jack Hertz
		03:30 PM	T.D. Skatchit
		04:00 PM	Reconnaissance Fly
		05:00 PM	Lingua Incognita Session
		06:00 PM	Matti Bye Ensemble (Sweden)
		06:30 PM	Jeffrey Alexander Trio
		07:00 PM	CDP
		07:30 PM	Lau Nau (Finland)
		08:00 PM	v'Maa w/kinetic video sculpture
		08:30 PM	Bill Wolter Project
		09:00 PM	Ear Spray
		09:30 PM	Tri-Cornered Tent Show
Sunday	June 5th		
		02:00 PM	Alphastare
		02:30 PM	Denny Joints
		03:00 PM	zBug
		03:30 PM	Will Alexander
		04:00 PM	United Separatists
		05:00 PM	Colin Dyer
		05:30 PM	Mark Clifford Project
		06:00 PM	John Shiurba/Philip Greenlief Duo
		06:30 PM	Cosmists
		07:00 PM	Jordan Glenn
		07:30 PM	R Duck, Wayne Jackson, Doug Lynner 
		08:00 PM	Amy Reed
		09:00 PM	Ebolabuddha

Please feel free to contact us with questions, issues, ideas you may 
have. mika.pontecorvo@gmail.com


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